Goodnight, Raggedy Man.
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The Doctor smirked slightly as the brunette hesitated, his eyes studying her carefully as she moved towards the panel. He could see the slight strain in her movements. The uncertainty.

And yet within moments the ship lurched, and his brows raised in surprise as…

The Doctor blinked, looking up. His eyes narrow slightly at her response, though the expression melts slowly at the girl’s smile.

"What do you mean, ‘If it weren’t for you?’" he asks, curious, now beginning to lean against the console to watch Clara. He crosses his arms, studying her further. "I’m sure I take care of myself just fine in the future. Why would I need your help?"

The brunette inhaled deeply, his gaze set on her as he thinks. When the breath escapes him, he turns, his hands resting once more on the controls. An idea stirs in the back of his mind, gentle and kind. The type of idea that had been hidden for the many months since Donna and Rose and, well, everyone else.

"That depends… What do you want to see?"

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Meeting for the First Time || Closed || whydotheycallhimdoctor


Oswin sat back at his snappiness and decided to just listen to him and nothing more. He obviously felt guilty over whatever he did, and she knew she shouldn’t pester about it. She knew that she tended to invade, and she knew she needed to stop. She watched him walk around the camera, and every once in a while, she pressed the camera to move it. 

"I’m—" She wanted to answer her question, but she looked around, "I’m really not sure where I am. I ran and hid. Didn’t think much about where I was going when that happened." Once he gave her the idea, she started sending him the coordinates. "Sent. Are we actually gettin’ out, or are you jus’ bluffing?"

"Well, as long as we have your position it shouldn’t be too difficult," he comments, his lips pulling into a small smile. The Doctor blinks at her question, almost surprised that she would suggest he was leading her on. His eyes focus within the lens, as if he was searching for her face within it. "One way or another, you’re leaving this place today. You have my word." 

He turns away then, forcing himself not to dwell on the fact that between where he had arrived and the destination she gave, there could be far worse troubles. “You can follow with the cameras can’t you?” he asks, glancing over his shoulder at the one Oswin had been speaking from. Without waiting for an answer, he continued quietly, his eyes searching the corridors he passed cautiously.

The time lord remained silent for several minutes before a thought struck him. “Y’know I’ve learned a lot about the daleks in my life, including this asylum,” he comments, not fully intending for the girl to reply. “The most advanced technology in the universe lies on this planet. Particularly the nanocloud. Said to effect any living thing that sets foot here besides a dalek itself. And me, of course. So tell me something,” he continues, pausing to look straight into a camera resting on the wall above him. “Why hasn’t it bothered you?”.






Wrong TARDIS, Wrong Doctor || Closed || whydotheycallhimdoctor


She rolled her eyes, letting him ramble on. It wasn’t fair, that he was taking her hostage, but it gave her some opportunity to remember her past lives and get to know this Doctor. Clara already understood the Doctor, but why not get a full understanding? She wondered why she was being so optimistic about this situation before turning to the console. He was asking her to check the coordinates. She cautiously moved over to the TARDIS, trying to remember the three lessons the Doctor gave her about the TARDIS.

"You’re…" She looked at the screen, "A bit off. We’re orbiting EpsilonB65. Two stars off. So, you’d have to…" Her hand hovered over the lever that would move them to the right star. She was about to pull it down, but she remembered, "You have to…" She didn’t say what she was doing, but she pressed a red button and the blue button twice, then pulled the lever. There was a small jolt, which afterwards, she looked at the screen. She smiled widley, "I did it! We’re orbiting EpsilonB67! Ha!" She turned to the Doctor and smiled, "Does that impress you in the slightest?"


The Doctor smirked slightly as the brunette hesitated, his eyes studying her carefully as she moved towards the panel. He could see the slight strain in her movements. The uncertainty. 

And yet within moments the ship lurched, and his brows raised in surprise as Clara corrected their position, his fingers barely gripping the console as they moved. His eyes narrow at her words, and he fished his glasses out before pulling the scanner to him, pulling up their present coordinates and a view of the surroundings. She was right. The time lord hesitates, his gaze flickering sharply to focus on the girl beside him. Could she really be his future companion? He had never been able to thoroughly teach any of his previous ones how to operate the TARDIS, much less drive it.

The Doctor takes a breath, looking at her for a moment longer and then turning away, his trainers tapping lightly against the metal floor as he moves around the console once more. “Good, yeah… Good job,” he mumbles, just loud enough for Clara to hear. His fingers travel across the controls as though playing an instrument and setting them on a much smoother course. Good? She was far more than good. How did she know? 

"Did, em… Did I show you that?" he asks, not looking up at his own question, allowing himself to become far too drawn by the buttons against his fingertips, as if it was a question that held no importance. "In the future… Do I teach you that?"


The boys meet a new hunter (AU Crossover)



Does it almost feel like you’ve been here before?

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